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VIDEO: Moment cyclist is hit by lorry entering cycle lane

Watford commuter was left lying in agony

A cyclist’s camera has captured the moment he was left lying in a bike lane after a lorry hit in in a supposedly protected area.

Damien McGrath, 34, was riding along a clearly marked cycle lane past a line of traffic in Watford, when a lorry pulls into the lane and knocks him flying.

He lies in the lane for almost a minute, clearly in serious pain, before a passer by comes to his aid.

The incident happened on March 6th.

“I never realised I was going to get hit. I was on a cycle lane, I had bright lights on, front and rear, I was highly visible and I was wearing a helmet,” he told the Evening Standard.

“I was in the cycle lane and then… he hit me and I lost control. The next thing I hit the curb.

“I could say I was lucky in that I was not dragged under the truck.”

Mr McGrath suffered back and hip injuries, as well as cuts to his knees.

“I don’t cycle to work anymore because it’s just too dangerous. I cycled to work to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic and the stress but then that happened,” he told the Standard.

A spokesperson from Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “Officers are aware of this incident and have been in contact with Mr McGrath since his initial report.

“We take every report of this nature very seriously and enquiries into what happened are on-going.”


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