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Cycling UK asks metro mayoral candidates what they will do for cycling if elected

Says local voices are needed and encourages residents to contact candidates via online tool

Cycling UK today has launched its Vote Bike tool ahead of May’s mayoral elections. Part of the organisation’s Space for Cycling campaign, it allows residents to ask their respective metro mayoral candidates what they will do for cycling if elected.  

Mayoral elections will take place in six areas on May 4: Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, Liverpool City Region, the West of England, the Tees Valley, and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

As part of Cycling UK’s Space for Cycling campaign, every candidate has been asked to plan a comprehensive region-wide network of safe space and to actively seek the funding to implement it.

In addition to this, the organisation has met with local campaigners to come up with a series of questions specific to each area. Cycling UK’s President, newscaster Jon Snow, has contacted each candidate with these ‘asks’ and responses will be published on the Cycling UK website.

Snow, said: “For cycling, this is a major opportunity as it is these local political bodies that look after the bulk of Britain’s roads. To ensure this opportunity is properly utilised, we need local voices making noises – it is after all you they rely on to elect them.”

The Vote Bike tool therefore allows residents in each area to contact their candidates directly via a selection of editable letters.

Tom Guha, Cycling UK’s Space for Cycling Campaigns Officer, said: “Creating full networks of Space for Cycling is essential if we are to see the step-change in cycle use needed to combat lethal air pollution and alleviate crippling congestion.

“The inadequacies of the UK Government’s cycling policy have left it to devolved authorities to deliver the national cycling revolution. It is imperative that we – together with local residents – work with all incoming Metro Mayors to create safer, friendlier and healthier communities through cycling.”

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severs1966 | 7 years ago

Let's re-frame the question and ask what most people would expect the answer to be.

"INTEREST_GROUP asks ELECTORAL_CANDIDATE what they will do for AREA_OF_INTEREST if elected"

Substitute any subject area and any election to create the subjectively relevant question.

My opinion is that the answer will always, always result in promises of "support" and probably will be a typical polititician's answer, containing stuff like "targets", "aspirations", "in the community" and so on. We have all seen this sort of thing.

Once elected, the politicians will then reveal by their actions that their answer was indeed a generic answer with no intent behind it at all.

That's my opinion. Anyone else?

Roger Geffen | 7 years ago
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To Brooksby:

Of course: there are plenty of politicians whose actions would  doubtless justify your cynicism!

But that's exactly why we don't just want them to tell us at Cycling UK what they'd do for cycling.  We want them to make their promises to as many of their voters as possible.

And that's where people like you come in!

The more people who take part, the easier it will be to hold them to account for their promises once the elections are over.


Here's how you can take action : for an overview of the campaign, and to contact the candidates wanting to be 'Metro Mayors' of Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Teesside, West Midlands, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, and the West of England (the Bristol region). to help "crowd-source" the election candidates' email addresses for English county councils and all Welsh councils. to take action in all Scottish council elections.

Do please get stuck in!


Roger Geffen

Policy Director, Cycling UK

brooksby | 7 years ago

I imagine they'll all tell cycling uk whatever they think it wants to hear. Doesn't mean they'll do any of it once (if) they get elected. (I'm looking at you, mayor sidiq khan).


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