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18,000 miles down: British pair set to break tandem cycling world record

Horror stories about over night stays in supermarket car parks & more as British duo prepare to complete circumnavigation on March 26

Next week 23-year old George Agate and 25-year old John Whybrow will roll up to Canterbury Cathedral to complete a world record-breaking circumnavigation aboard a tandem bicycle.

The pair set off from Canterbury in June 2016 with the support of legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and have spent the last nine months aboard a custom-built Orbit Tandem bicycle.

The journey has seen the guys cover 6 continents, 29 countries, and 18,000 miles, and if things go to plan over the next few days the entire journey will have taken them less than 300 days.

Agate and Whybrow are due to cross their finish line outside Canterbury Cathedral at around 17.00 on Saturday March 26.

The pair's long journey has seen both its ups and downs. The highlights, according to the pair were arriving at their half-way point of Adelaide, Australia, and the incredible generosity they've seen from the people of the world.

"We’ve been amazed by the generosity of the people we’ve met around the world," 23-year old Agate said. 

"We’ve been given food, drink and beds in their homes – very welcome after many nights in a tiny 2-man tent.”

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As fair as the low points go, those are a little more tangible. When asked about his lowest point Agate talked about the worst place the pair ever had to sleep: “spending the night in the trolley bay of a supermarket in Austria, soaked through, and being woken at 5 am by the bakery staff to move us on."

Whybrow meanwhile talked about the pair's first day in Nicaragua. After finding it impossible to source local currency, the pair had a very difficult time getting their hands on food and water, going long periods of time without either. 

"We really had to dig deep that day," Whybrow said.

When asked what they're looking forward to the most, both men's minds turned towards home comforts they've been without for so long: "Bangers and mash, a good cup of tea, and for the sores to heal up."

The 25 and 23-year old spent two years planning this adventure after meeting at University in the Kent town of Canterbury where their journey started and is set to end. During that long planing period they were careful to ensure that their route was in accordance with Guinness World Record criteria.

This means that once the pair cross the line next Saturday they will officially be Guinness World Record holders.

If you're curious as to exactly where the pair went on their journey, check out the map below which plots their route.

Congratulations to John and George! Now, put your feet up.

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