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11 things we've learnt this week

Fascinating facts and figures from the past seven days on

1. Lance Armstrong was a dick to deny doping. He says so himself.
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Viagra (licensed CC BY-SA 3.0 by Tim Reckmann).jpg

2. Team Sky allegedly tested Viagra for its performance enhancing (on the bike!) benefits.
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3. Bosnia is the first country in the world to repeal a law making helmet use mandatory for cyclists of all ages and in all areas.

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 Ruby Isaac's Peter Sagan Haribo tribute (source Ruby Isaac on Twitter).PNG

4. Peter Sagan follows only 66 people on Twitter and one of them is a eight-year-old Ruby Isaacs from Northamptonshire.
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Berlin 2017 Festka  - 1.jpg

5. It takes 995 used Nespresso coffee pods to make the top tube, down tube and seatstays of a bike frame.
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6. Edinburgh could get a ski-style bike lift on one of its steepest hills.
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 Sciacallo Bacio bike.jpg

7. Rock band Kiss licenses a triathlon bike.

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8. High intensity interval training on a bike slows ageing. 
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9. The VW Polo newest diesel edition emits as much toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as an HGV with cargo.

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10. Raleigh once employed 7,000 workers and turned out more than a million bicycles a year. 
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Ceramic Speed Titanium.jpg11. CeramicSpeed’s 3D printed titanium jockey wheels cost US$1,700.
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Dr. Ko | 6 years ago

Sky - now with updated info finally the blue of the blue Sky band makes sense to me! And also that might explain the initial lack of results in classic as they did concentrate on endurance -obviously. And no need to question Bradleys bag contains anymore...

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