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Julien Vermote on discs, yoga and the classics

The Belgian super domestique gives us his opinion on disc brake safety in the peloton

At the beginning of the classics season, we chatted to QuickStep Floors rider Julien Vermote about disc brakes, core stability training and the classics season ahead.

We spoke to him on the day that Vermote’s team mate Marcel Kittle and Sky rider Owain Doull crashed in the Abu Dhabi Tour. The crash caused a large cut in Doull’s left shoe which the Sky rider believes was caused by Kittle’s disc rotor. Many, including the WFSGI – World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry dispute the claim. 


The CPA has now threatened the UCI with legal action if the disc brake trial isn't scrapped. It's all a bit of a mess. 

CPA threatens UCI with legal action

Vermote, however, seems quite clear on the disc debate. Either everyone uses them, or no one. “The most important thing is that everyone rides what they race”. If “[…] someone in front brakes with the disc brakes, you don’t have the same power, it’s going to be really dangerous”. 

On lighter topics, he spoke about his daily core routine answering “ah, yea of course!” when asked if he did core work every day. He did have some sensible advise, suggesting that you shouldn’t jump straight in to daily core work. “You have to build it up, you can’t do it from zero”. 

As a super domestique, he’ll be pretty active during the Classics, although he told me that his role isn’t defined before the race. “It’s hard to predict the race so we have to do it whilst the race is going on”.  His job will likely be helping his team  which he still enjoys. "It's always nice to help the guys and bring them to a victory". 

Unfortunately, his prediction of team mate Tom Boonen wasn’t to be.

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