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Longsight police get flak for 'millions spent on cycle lanes' tweet

Seem to suggest that pavement cyclist should have been using a cycle lane in an entirely different part of town

Longsight police have come in for a hammering on Twitter after criticising a cyclist for riding on the pavement despite “millions spent on cycle lanes in Manchester”.

Government guidance is that cyclists may ride on the footway provided they do so considerately, and that police officers need to exercise discretion.

Many were quick to point out that a development such as the segregated cycle lane on Wilmslow Road is all well and good if you actually happen to be heading somewhere it leads to.

Others made comparisons with motorists.

The ‘millions being spent’ element was unsurprisingly a popular theme.

West Midlands Police – famous for its pioneering close-pass initiative – was also invited to comment but clearly felt this wasn’t necessary.

Greater Manchester Police confirm "new and evolving" close pass operation trial

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