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Video: Cyclist saves Kingston commuters from swans

Two swans held up traffic on Kingston Bridge on Friday morning - fortunately a cyclist was on hand to save the day

A cyclist saved the commutes of several drivers in Kingston on Friday after he shepherded two lost swans to safety on Kingston Bridge in London.

The footage, which can be found on Gary Chatwood's Facebook page, shows a queue of traffic lined up on the bridge in South West London behind two swans.

The swans don't appear to be particularly deterred by the presence of the cars bearing down upon them as they saunter across the road.

Hounslow police officer Chatwood is undoubtedly used to ushering disruptive road users off the road, though, and it showed.

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The 36-year old was cycling in the opposite direction to the hold-up, but stopped his commute to try and persuade the birds to clear off.

At one point Chatwood can be heard telling the swans "some of us have work to go to, you know."

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Mr Chatwood told a reporter at the Surrey Comet how concerned he was for the birds' safety.

“I’m very surprised. I was worried to start with because I could see that they were already crossing," He said. 

“I decided to just shield them a little. I was trying to keep them on the outside lane to get them off.

“They refused to get up over the kerb. I just saw them crossing the road and thought they’d get scared.”

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