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Cycling Video Roundup – adventure, distance, bunny-hops and some snakeskin

An adventure heavy selection of videos, and riding in a supermarket car-park

A fine selection of inspiring videos this week, whether you’re just thinking about heading out for the weekend, crossing a country, traversing a mountain range or covering six feet in a car-park.



The Torino - Nice Rally is a 700km self-supported bikepacking ride on old military roads and scenic historical trade routes that incorporates 20,000m of elevation as it winds from the western Italian Alps down to the south coast of France. This film follows Bombtrack bikes ambassador Joachim Rosenlund as he takes part in the 2016 edition of this tough yet scenic event.


It's the Journey, not the Destination

Watch Jamis riders Macky Franklin and Syd Schulz as they explore and experience beautiful New Mexico aboard their Jamis Dragonslayer and Dragonfly PLUS bikes. It’s the journey not the destination, apparently. And lots of kit.


Kona Wozo in Ireland: A Microadventure

A bit closer to home, and colder, Garry Davoren and William O’Connor load up their Kona Wozos with camping gear and head out on an all day ride through the Irish countryside. Riding from the front door to the Slieve Aughty mountain range for a night of camping and a stint in the pub followed by a solid trail ride their microadventure is a brief yet perfect escape from the everyday.


What an overtake, what a save

There’s not a week goes by without some sort of motor-doping outcry. The latest victim is current Cyclo-Cross World Champion Wout van Aert as his back wheel kicks out and spins wildly during this assertive overtake. Whatever, it’s a great save by him, and not a bad save from Mathieu van der Poel either.


Gets quite tiring after 365 steps

Still on a cyclo-cross bike but somewhere warmer, here’s recently crowned World Junior Cyclocross Champion Tom Pidcock bunny-hopping up some steps. Lots of steps.



AquArt are an automobile graphics company in Curno, near Milan in Italy. Whilst they concentrate on pimping cars they’ll also decorate a motorbike helmet or your bicycle frame if you want in their wet transfer printing tank. If you don’t fancy a snakeskin bike then a more subtle leopard print or faux carbon are also available.


Gapping car park spaces

You don’t get to be a trials god overnight, there’s a lot of practice, practice, practice over lots of nights. In all the glamour that is the local supermarket in the dark Danny MacAskill finally realises his childhood dream of gapping car park spaces.


BREVET - Official Trailer

Every four years 6,000 cyclists from all over the world converge on France to take part in the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris randonnée where participants have to cover the 1230 km and 11,000 metres of climbing in under 90 hours. Focusing on three riders; the debutante ex-Ironman Michael, the ambitious Sina, and the old-hand Claus with seven PBPs under his chamois, BREVET is the movie about this grueling fight against hills, cold, exhaustion and 28,000 baguettes.


Rapha Perspectives

The four athletes from different disciplines featured in this Rapha video have all experienced highs and lows in their careers, and have each turned to the bike as a source of inspiration and escape. Here they share their perspectives on riding, and the rewards that come from commitment.


That should see you right for the weekend, if we don’t see you out on the hills we’ll see you outside Tescos, by the mother-and-child spaces yeah?

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