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Want to know what bikes you can test at the live day? Here they are!

We here at are rather excited about our live day in Bath. So are you apparently, and you’ve been asking for a list of what exactly is being brought along by the various brands. Well, ask and you shall receive. Heres a list of what we know so far! It's all happening on 26th February 2017 from 9:30am. Remember to get your tickets here!



Attain GTC Pro Disc 2017  53cm / 56cm / 58cm / 60cm  

Agree C:62 Race Disc 2017  53cm / 56cm / 58cm / 60cm 



Ruby Expert  48cm / 51cm / 54cm 

Venge Vias Pro Disc Di2  52cm / 54cm / 56cm / 58cm 

Roubaix Expert 52cm / 54cm / 56cm / 58cm / 61cm    



Propel Advanced Pro 2  S/M/ML/L

Defy Advanced Pro 2  S/M/ML/L

TCR Advanced Pro 1 S/M/ML/L



Avail Advanced Pro 1  XS/S/M

Envie Advanced Pro 1 XS/S/M



Foil RC 

Foil 10

Foil 20

Addict RC DI2

Addict 20 Disc

Solace 10 Disc

Gravel 20 Disc



Aeroad XS/S/M/L

Ultimate XS/S/M/L

Endurace XS/S/M/L



GTR SL Endurance Ultegra  S/M/L/XL/XXL

​110 Air Chorus  S/M/XL

110 Air Ultegra Di2  S/M/L/XL

Zero7 Ultegra  S/L



Wessex  52/54/56/58

Gisburn  54/56



Pro SL disc 2000  53
Pro SL disc 3000  55
Xlite CRS 4000  57
Xlite CWX 8810  57
Xeon CWX 3100  57
Pro CGF 3000  57
Xlite CDX 3100  57
Xeon CWX 3100  59
Team CDX Cross 4400 gravel  59



765 Ultegra S/M/L
765HM Ui2  S/M/L
765 Disc Ultegra  S/M/L
695 ZR Ultegra M/L
795 Light Etap  M/L


That's quite a list! We'll be updating it with more information as we get it, so check back soon! If you want to check out the list of eBikes available, head over to!


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