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#mycyclingweekend: Near-death experiences & muddy rides

For some of you this #mycyclingweekend saw some slippery escapes, for others the frozen landscape added a touch of beauty to weekend

At this time of year many of us return from our #mycyclingweekend rides like battle-worn soldiers, except with smiles on our faces. Bumps, bruises, filth in places we didn't think filth could get; we're used to it all, and you shared some of it with us and Cycle Surgery this #mycyclingweekend.

Whether you're out for a weekend's cyclocross racing or you're just pottering around your local roads, the soggy conditions can leave you pretty mucky.

This week's #mycyclingweekend winner fired a photo at us that left those of us here at HQ feeling spotlessly clean despite a damp, misty commute this morning.

David Oxberry's shot of his muddy post-race face has won this weekend's Cycle Surgery prize. Keep an eye out for a message from our team, David!



Mr Oxberry wasn't the only one with a mucky face, though we imagine he'll be prouder than our next #mycyclingweekend participant.

Regular contributor Steff Marazzi was caught out be an overeager camera phone which decided to take a photo of its own accord at an compromising moment for Mr Marazzi.

Check out the lovely globule of snot sitting proudly on our man's cheek. Charming.



Now you've been put off whatever food you've got in front of you, let's make your stomach churn a little more.

This weekend saw patches of ice dotted all over the country. As cyclists we've all had close shaves with slippery surfaces, and so most of us take extra precautions when we know the conditions are bad.

Mr Andrew Cruwys had a very close shave this weekend, but thankfully his helmet did its job.

Gateposts and heads aren't a great mix, especially when you're falling from around 6ft. We're glad you escaped with only a concussion Andrew!



The cold conditions left the rest of you with only two photo options, really.

They were: 1) photos of your faces either wrapped-up or post-ride, or, 2) photos of the crystal clear landscapes that you were riding through.

Both were enthusiastically welcomed by us here at

Here are a few of our favourites.





Major hat hair situation on the train to Goring for some bridleway bashing. #mycyclingweekend #hathair

A photo posted by Ben Short (@ben_jam_in_short) on




Why always the back tyre! #mycyclingweekend #singlespeed

A photo posted by Darren Collins (@southseabythesea) on




Cefn y Brithdir #cycling #gravel #offroad #mycyclingweekend #igerswales #igerscymru #landscape #cloud #sky

A photo posted by Gareth Enticott (@garethenticott) on






Last week we had some beautiful days for a winter ride #mycyclingweekend #cycling #winter

A photo posted by Steven Duister (@stevenduister) on




#mycyclingweekend in the French Pyrenees #fantastic #rural #climbs #cycling #dressedforwinter #hilly #vistas

A photo posted by The5mile Cyclist (@the5milecyclist) on




Pretty and serene! #waterfall #stream #strava #stravaphoto #cycling #somerset #peaceful #serene #rcc #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Rafal Hartzhorne (@raf_hartzhorne) on


Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun, or to be in with a chance of winning next week's #CycleSurgery prize. Just remember to include both of those hashtags whenever you upload a photo and you'll be golden.

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