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Latest Jeremy Vine video shows driver cutting across cyclist before tailing him while leaning on horn

Vine regularly submits footage from his commutes to police

Jeremy Vine has previously said that he feels a camera is safer than a cycle helmet when riding through London. The Radio 2 presenter routinely publishes videos of poor driving which have been shot during his commutes. His latest footage shows a driver pulling left into the path of a cyclist before an impressively protracted bout of horn-blaring as the cyclist then rides in front of the car for a distance.

The footage was shot on Hammersmith Road heading towards Kensington. Vine said: “A cycle moment to show you from this morning's commute. I was behind the affected cyclist. The white car wants to change lanes, so why wait?”

Earlier this year, Vine published a video of an aggressive motorist who swore and kicked out at him, apparently in frustration at his having ridden in front of her in the middle of a narrow road.

After beeping her horn at him and moving up close to his rear wheel, she got out and told Vine to "get the f*ck out the road."

Shortly afterwards, she got out of her car again to tell Vine to stop filming her car. After getting back in, she made the shape of a gun with her fingers and mimed a shot at him.

The motorist, a student from Vauxhall, was later charged with driving without reasonable consideration to other road users, failing to licence a vehicle, and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

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