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Website catalogues Google StreetView images before and after cycle improvements

Aims to provide ideas and inspiration for city design

The URB-I website has uploaded Google StreetView images of urban streets before and after improvement works. Thousands of streets from throughout the world have been documented, many of which showcase cycling improvements.

URB-I, short for ‘urban ideas’ is a Brazilian start-up whose motto is “simple transformations can change the way we perceive public space.”

Rue Rachel E, Montreal (StreetView, URB-I).jpg

Its aim is to make cities better, more liveable and democratic and the before-after section of the site is intended to provide people with ideas and inspiration.

Smedjegatan, Malmo (StreetView, URB-I).jpg

The team says:

“Part of our mission is to "open the eyes", sharing knowledge about what good urban design practice means and how it affects our lives in the cities.

“Our goal is to come up with ideas for the improvement of the city, generate interventions, spark people's imagination, demonstrating that simple changes can change dynamics, perceptions, enhance and bring quality to the public spaces.”

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