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#mycyclingweekend: Shots From Saddles

Misty lanes, mysterious group shots, and foggy landscapes - you lot got arty from the saddle this weekend

One of the big reasons we all take to the country's roads every weekend is that feeling of freedom we get from our saddles. That freedom was captured marvelously in your photos this week and Cycle Surgery's prize is set to go to a very deserving winner.

Our first shot, and this week's winner comes from James Crouch, who caught this fantastically mysterious shot of the Timsbury Cycling Group. There's a Reservoir Dogs silhouette vibe going on here too. Nice.



Of course the muddy bottoms of various members of your cycling group aren't the only things you'll see from your saddle on a #mycyclingweekend.

Chris Dean caught a spectacular shot of some early morning fog near Bristol and uploaded it to Instagram for all of us to enjoy. He was joined by David Minihane on Twitter and Justin Berman on Instagram who also took some misty photos, one more... *ahem* mysterious than the other.



And another from this morning #VSCO #igersbristol #bristol

A photo posted by Chris Dean (@chrisdeanphoto) on






There were a couple of other great shots that were less misty and mysterious and a little more brambly. Well, one of them was at least. The other two featured some pretty spectacular scenes, one from our very own Instagram account:



#mycyclingweekend #bostal #mangobikes #17% #climbing

A photo posted by Martin Page (@theantisocialcyclist) on




Enjoying the scenery #mycyclingweekend #cycling #cyclist #rider #lullingstone #kent @scottmayar

A photo posted by @sirlongbow on




#mycyclingweekend Late Sunday afternoon view from the saddle

A photo posted by ( on


At this time of year, we're using our bikes for all sorts of festive chores. For some of us taking the Christmas tree home by bike would be impossible; not for Judith Swallow, though. Her tree found a snug little home in her trailer.



Holidays erandonnee #mycyclingweekend #christmastree #christmas2016

A photo posted by Judith Swallow (@brevetbird) on


It wouldn't be a #mycyclingweekend without a few sexy bike shots, would it? The first two feature beautiful bikes and lushious lense flair, while the other - from our man Dave Atkinson - is for those of you who like it a little dirtier.






Remember, it's never too late to get involved with the #mycyclingweekend fun - just fire your photos at us via Instagram or Facebook with all the relevant hashtags nice and visible.

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