Wave goodbye to the puncture fairy - with tyres that will never get a flat (+ video)

Ever Tire and Nexo Tires are airless - so inventors say you can leave the pump and tyre levers at home

A product that has been successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter makes the promise that you will never be visited by the puncture fairy ever again – but while the campaign is still open, unfortunately they’re not shipping to the UK as yet.

Around 250 people have backed Nexo Tires and Ever Tires through the website as of lunchtime today, together pledging $34,669 of the $24,597 goal.

The difference between the two products? Well, the obvious one is that while Ever Tires have holes in them, Nexo Tires don't and just look like regular tyres - and with the help of an adapter kit, will fit to your existing rims. Ever Tires come complete with specially designed wheel set and are said to be “great for kids bikes, cruisers, and the casual rider.”

The Utah-based team behind the products also claim they are more eco-friendly than existing tyres on the market, saying:

The manufacturing process of traditional rubber tires requires eight to nine steps. A single tire requires numerous hours of production including labor, materials and resources consumed during the manufacturing period. Our tires only require one process and only take 30 minutes to produce. Due to the fact that our tires are a one piece manufacturing process they are greener to produce and to recycle. Both you, our environment and the mighty Sasquatch deserve something better.

But they acknowledge that there are some drawbacks, as you can imagine, including that they “aren't as cushioned as an air filled tire,” making them unsuitable for extreme mountain bike trails, and that “when used in place of road tires there is a 15 per cent increase in drag which is great for training but not for race day.”

On the FAQ on Kickstarter, the product’s creators say: “We'd love to be able to ship outside the US. However, with shipping costs as high as they are we're not able to at this time.

“Thanks for your patience and if you have any suggestion on making this more economical please feel free to contact us.”

Hopefully Liam Fox – or whoever occupies his post in a decade or so – can negotiate a tariff-free deal for airless bicycle tyres when the time comes.

Find out more on Kickstarter, and let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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