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Peterborough councillors will be able to fine illegal cyclists by Christmas

Council workers will be given police-style fining rights within next two months

The leader of Peterborough council has said that his discovery that council workers were not able to issue fines to illegal cyclists has left him “disappointed” and “frustrated”.

Council workers have for the first time been given the power to fine various behaviour, but at the last minute council leader Councillor John Holdich discovered this would not include cycling on pedestrianised Bridge Street.

Last week we reported how a council spokesman said: “Initially, only warranted police officers within the PES [Prevention and Enforcement Service] will have the power to fine cyclists on Bridge Street and will work alongside council officers.

“This is because cycling on Bridge Street is currently classified as a road traffic offence. The process is well underway to change this order to allow any PES officer to enforce the cycling ban on Bridge Street.”

Cllr Holdich now believes there will be a wait of up to another two months until the rules are changed so council staff can ticket Bridge Street cyclists.

He told the Peterborough Telegraph: “I’ve made no secret with officers that I’m very disappointed that we are not in a position for the council staff to affect the cycling in Bridge Street, but police still have those powers and will be working with our folks to issue tickets.

“I believe that our new approach will play a part in tackling concerns like fly-tipping and littering as well as working to prevent issues such as drug dealing and child sexual exploitation.”


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