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High tech cycling suits shredded to protect Olympic secrets

Team GB’s streamlined suits to be replicated for London Olympics

Suits worn by Team GB’s cyclists at the Beijing Olympics were shredded to stop rivals benefiting from the technology.

Cyclists like Victoria Pendleton, who struck gold, will have to make do with their medals and their memories thanks to performance director Dave Brailsford’s suit-shredding edict.

The suits were destroyed on their return to the UK, but the technology will be replicated to make new ones for the London Olympics, in 2012, says the BBC.

Even the manufacture of the suits, which reduce air drag, was done under a veil of secrecy, according to the report.

"Our skin suits were sent out to Japan so that the person who put them together in Japan did not know where they were from and there was no link," explained Brailsford.

What, not even the team colours or the “Great Britain” emblazoned across the chest? Apparently not. According to the report, Adidas stuck the labels on.

Picture courtesy of Photosport International.

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