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Couple from different continents get hitched with Strava

The pair, from Australia and the US, followed each other on Strava before meeting for a real world ride...and he finally proposed using the app

A couple from two different continents met – and got married – via Strava; and of course he popped the question on the social media platform.

Dave Baun, 49, who lives in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and Liisa Grace, in Adelaide, Australia, first became acquainted when she followed him on Strava, reports Bicycling. Kudos and comments led to Instagram and then Facebook contact, until the couple decided to meet. He travelled to Australia and the two embarked on a series of rides she had planned for them.

Apparently Baun had tried dating websites, and though he admits it seems unlikely to meet someone on a social media app, it has panned out pretty well for  the couple.


THE Question! @graceliisa #strava #stravaphoto #stravacycling #marryme #proposal #stravalove #shesaidyes

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 Her reply was "Yes yes...forever YESSSSSS!!!"

People have proposed via Strava before but we think this is the first couple who also met via the app.

Cyclist uses Strava to map marriage proposal


The couple now regularly ride together in the US. We love a happy ending.

Read the full story here.

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tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

Way cooler than meeting in a pub! Congrats and thanks for the update!

Beatnik69 | 7 years ago

Congratulations Dave. Best wishes to you both!

Dave Baun | 7 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for the coments!  We only just discovered this article last night!  Too funny, how they can do a write up on us without us even knowing.  Anyway, yes we are living right in the middle of nothing short of a miracle!  Strava... who would have thougt?  


And... there was no wedding night ride logged on Strava, but we did one the day before from the location where we were married.  We drove the bikes out there on the car and rode the bikes home.  This way we could drive home together that night, as we were arriving separately.


We logged over 1500 miles together here in PA/NJ in the last three months and look forward to many more both here and in Australia!

scousegreg | 7 years ago

Wonder if they logged a wedding night ride?

cdamian | 7 years ago

I always thought the Strava data would be useful in finding partners. Matching age, weight, performance and location.

Doesn't have to be for marriage  1

chokofingrz replied to cdamian | 7 years ago
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cdamian wrote:

Doesn't have to be for marriage  1

Sounds like you want to be King of the Mountings in your local area...

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