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Video: Adam Yates crashes into a deflated flamme rouge

The British rider was involved in one of the most bizarre Tour de France crashes we've ever seen as a spectator accidentally deflates the 1km-to-go banner...

British cyclist Adam Yates appeared to be denied second place in the Tour de France and the white jersey when the flamme rouge collapsed on him as he broke away from a chase group in yesterday's Tour de France stage.

With one kilometre to go Yates had broken away from the group chasing down fellow Brit and the day's stage winner Steve Cummings. However his seven second lead over that group was demolished when the flamme rouge - which signifies only one kilometre remaining on the day's stage - collapsed on him.

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According to reports, the banner was accidentally deflated by a spectator, whose belt got caught on the motor's cable.

As far as dramatic video footage is concerned, the collapse could not have been timed better; the deflation occurring at the perfect moment to cause as much damage to Yates's hopes of the white young rider's jersey as possible.

Fortunately, it appears the 23-year old only suffered superficial injuries - only needing stitches to a laceration on his chin - and was able to finish the stage.

Following the crash Yates remounted and rolled across the line in 73rd place, appearing to have missed out on the chance of second place in the overall race, and the white jersey.

Following a successful appeal from his team Oric-BikeExchange, though, Yates's provisional finishing position was reinstated and he begins todays stage in the white jersey and in second place overall.

Speaking to the Guardian after the race Yates said: "It was disappointing but what can you do when that thing falls on you? 

"I was going at 70-80km per hour, the barrier came down and I had no time to react. It was a good thing I was on my own or it could have been worse."

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Leviathan | 7 years ago

"I was going at 70-80km per hour" No you weren't, mate.

DrG82 | 7 years ago

Accidentally deflated! Hmm, a likely story.
I call bullsh!t, the spectator did it on purpose to cause chaos.

The _Kaner | 7 years ago

The hand of god?

It couldn't have been 'timed' more precisely....

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