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Defy full prices in the Giant 2016 Defy DealCatcher

Giant's fantastic range of 2016 aluminium endurance bikes have seen a 20% discount over on their site + women's Liv Avail bikes...

The world's biggest bicycle manufacturer, Giant, has brought their 2016 selection of fantastic Defy and Liv Avail endurance bikes the the DealCatcher this week - at a 20% discount across the board.

We've got the full range for you to pour over below.

There are some fantastic options for all types of riders. Some of the bikes are disc brake equipped, but all of them will see you through the long summer months in style and comfort.

Each member of the Defy and Liv Avail family has an ALUXX-Grade Aluminium frameset - which Giant call the lightest state-of-the-art aluminium frameset offering riders their highest strength-to-weight ratios.

For a little more info on which of Giant's range will suit you best, read on.


20% off Giant's Defy 0
WAS £999.00 | NOW £799.20


First up is Giant's most expensive Defy, the 0. 

With a mixture of Shimano's higher end 105 and Ultegra components, the Defy 0 offers fantastic value for riders who appreciate the responsiveness and weight advantages of a more advanced groupset.

The improved groupset, including a KMC X11L chain and Shimano BR561 brakes are what set the Defy 0 apart, and at just under £800 it's a bargain.


20% off Giant's Defy 1
WAS £899.00 | NOW £719.20


One step down from the Defy 0, the Defy 1 brings a full Shimano 105 groupset to the table.

We love the 105 groupset here at - it rolled away with a 9/10 from our esteemed review department - and we expect it's very much at home aboard the Defy 1's fantastic setup.

Tektro TK-R540 dual pivot brakes, and a KMC X11L chain complete the bike, which would be a great buy for any keen cyclist at £719.20

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20% off Giant's Defy 1 Disc
WAS £999.00 | NOW £799.20


One rung across - rather than down - on the Defy ladder is the Defy 1 Disc.

This disc brake equipped endurance bike is one of two disc brake models introduced to the range this year.

You're looking at an almost identical set up to the Defy 1 other than the TRP Spyre Alloy disc brakes and Giant P-R2 disc ready rims.

We love TRP's Spyre disc brakes here at We've had them in for test twice, and both times they've been received incredibly well.

Our man Edward Mason called them "Quite possibly the best mechanical disc brakes solution out there."

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20% off Giant's Defy 2
WAS £749.00 | NOW £599.20


Moving a little further down the affordability ladder, the Defy 2 brings Shimano's Tiagra groupset to the party.

The 20 speed groupset is excellent value for money, targeted at riders who are looking to take a step up from their first road bike.

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20% off Giant's Defy 2 Disc
WAS £849.00 | NOW £679.20


In a very similar vein to the Defy 1 Disc model, the Defy 2 Disc is almost identical to the Defy 2.

Obviously, you'll be getting TRP's Spyre Alloy mechanical disc brakes,  but you'll also be getting KMC's X10 chain, and Giant's S-R2 disc ready wheels.


20% off Giant's Defy 3
WAS £649.00 | NOW £519.20


We're moving down the ladder of affordability again, this time arriving at Giant's Shimano Sora equipped Defy 3.

The Defy 3 is a step up from the entry level Defy 4 which you can see below, and the majority Sora groupset is where the extra outlay takes you. That step up, along with a SRAM PG 950 cassette, and a KMC X9 chain, is well worth the money if your budget can reach that extra £100.


20% off Giant's Defy 4
WAS £525.00 | NOW £42.00


Finally, Giant's entry level Defy 4 is up there with the best possible first road bike options on the market.

Shimano's 16-speed Claris groupset is a fantastic place to start if you're just getting in to road cycling. If you want to learn a little more about it, check out our coverage of its unveiling below:

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20% off Liv's Avail 1 Disc
WAS £999.00 | NOW £799.20


Giant launched their Liv sub-brand to focus on women's cycling some time ago, and their Avail range mirrors the strides they've made in endurance cycling that we see in the Defy range.

What is quite clear is that while the frame material and overall design is similar - the frames remain ALUXX amuminium - the geometry is specifically designed to suit women.

Of course, geometric suitability is key in the quest for comfort, which is exactly what the Avail range strive to be; comfortable.

The top of the range Avail 1 model, which comes disc-less as well, features a full Shimano 105 groupset - minus the chain which is a KMC X11L and the brake set which is TRP's Spyre mechanical disc brake and Tekro TK-R540 in the non-disc model.


20% off Liv's Avail 2 Disc
WAS £849.00 | NOW £679.20


Moving down the ladder directly to the Avail 2 Disc, much like we saw in the Defy range, the real difference here is the groupset.

Once again as the 1 to 2 model shift in the Defy range saw Shimano 105 change to Tiagra, the same thing happens here.

Once again, though, the Avail 2 is still phenomenal value.


20% off Liv's Avail 3


The Liv Avail 3 is a Shimano Sora wearing endurance bike, aimed at those cyclists who are looking to upgrade their riding experience from entry-level to something a little more comfortable and responsive.

SRAM's PG950 cassette accompanies a KMC X9 chain and Tektro TK-R312 brakes alongside the Sora componentry.


20% off Liv's Avail 4


Finally, Liv's entry level model features Shimano's 16-speed Claris groupset.

The Avail 4 is perfect for those of you looking to get into road cycling, and at this price you'll struggle to find a 2016 model better suited to your needs any cheaper


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melliott | 7 years ago

A Defy 4 for only £42, where do I sign?

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