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#mycyclingweekend: Love your legs

Legs are the most important limb, so show yours a bit of love this #mycyclingweekend & share them with us + WIN some goodies

Do your toes count as limbs? Your arms do, and we know we need them to brake and to change gear, which are things your fingers come in handy with too. But there's no doubt in our minds here at and in the minds of the guys at Cycle Surgery, that your legs are easily your most important limb.

Come on, there'd be no cycling without them. There'd be no more climbing, sprinting, or taking part in impromptu triathlons at the age of 55 without them.

We are of course totally discounting those weird hand bikes that crop up every few years disguised as ground-braking designs.

We all love our legs. So we thought this week we'd show them how much we care by dedicating an entire #mycyclingweekend to them, and offering a prize for the participant who makes us fall in love with their legs via the medium of photography and short story telling.

Remember, to enter and be in with a chance of winning you've got to include BOTH the #mycyclingweekend and the #CycleSurgery hashtags.

Here's what you could win:


This week's #mycyclingweekend prize!

A photo posted by Cycle Surgery (@cyclesurgery) on


That's an Orbea bike bottle, in honour of the incredible deals Cycle Surgery are running on Orbea bikes at the moment... Don't tell us you missed their massive bike-oriented DealCatcher Takeover this week. Tut, tut.

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The Specialized Rib Cage 2 which you can also win this weekend is worth £12.99, and is not in honour of anything as far as we can tell, but it looks like a pretty classy bottle cage to us.

Anyway, back to your luscious legs.

We like them hairy as well as hairless, we like them muscular and tatooed as well as wrinkled and lacerated, no matter what you've done, or are doing to your legs, if they're on a bike, we like 'em.





Climbing strong with the polka dot socks #sockdoping #mycyclingweekend #roadcycling #fromwhereiride

A photo posted by Felix (@felixkccc) on


But what we want is to love them, and to do that you've got to give us a bit more to go on.

Tell us a story of hardship. When have your legs failed you? How did they see you right on your recovery.





Have you dressed them in anything particularly meaningful? What about those socks? Is there a story there?





How about those old winkled legs? What have they seen? Have they got stories to tell? Have you mistreated your legs? Let them wither away? Allowed them to be burnt by the sun?



Share your legs and their stories with us and you could be this weekend's #mycyclingweekend winner.

Instagram and Twitter are the places to share your photo, just remember to use both hashtags!

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