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Peter Sagan’s customised Dodge Charger (+ video)

Typically understated

Please allow us to introduce Peter Sagan. He’s a man of wealth and taste – and if the taste is that of an 11-year-old boy, well surely that’s a large part of the reason why he’s so popular. The World Champion has commissioned a Dodge Charger inspired by the Dukes of Hazzard and further refined after he saw The Fast and the Furious.

This writer knows as much about cars as Hot Rod Network knows about cycling (they describe the Slovakian as “an up-and-coming star in the top rungs of competitive cycling”), so please excuse any errors in what follows.

Sagan commissioned Scott Tedro and Ken Maisano, co-owner’s of MASCAR Modern & Classic Autobody & Paint Repair in Costa Mesa, California, to build him a modern version of the General Lee, the 1969 Dodge Charger driven in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard. After then seeing the Fast and the Furious, he requested that they add a blower, hood scoop, and fat rear tyres. The end result is as subtle and low profile as the man himself.

Starting off with a 1970 Charger, Tedro and Maisano set to work. Other modifications include bucket seats, a hand-built console and a modified dashboard. The car also features “a blown 572 wedge engine that delivers power and devastating looks like a punch to the gut.”

If you’re wondering what a wedge engine sounds like, here’s a video of Sagan driving about in the car. He apparently took delivery of it last year.

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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John G | 71 posts | 7 years ago

... but will he do wheelies with it?

Yorkshire wallet | 2405 posts | 7 years ago

Gloriously vulgar!

He should watch Smokey and the Bandit next. 

grumpyoldcyclist | 337 posts | 7 years ago

That blower would not only hide a cyclist, but it would probably obscure an entire peloton prior to the driver colliding with them. Makes a 4x4 look almost appropriate transport.

nniff | 611 posts | 7 years ago

"I spent a fortune on women and fast cars. The rest I wasted"

kil0ran | 2914 posts | 7 years ago

More of a Camaro man myself but pleased to see it still handles worse than I would on an Alpine descent.

Carton | 401 posts | 7 years ago

It's actually a lot more understated than I thought, but for the blower. God those things are ugly. But it can't be Peter Sagan's car without a blower  3 As was in the sub-headline (it gets muddied up by the text) it was actually modelled on Dom Toretto's (Vin Diesel's) Charger from the Fast & the Furious franchise, not the General Lee which was just another Charger he liked, apparently.

Anyway, I love how the call him Bicycle Champion Peter Sagan. Also, I've seen Columbia too many times, but Slovokia is a new one.

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