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No cycling sign... on Buckinghamshire shared use path

Council think someone may have turned it round

Messages don’t come much more mixed than a sign telling people they can’t cycle on a designated cycle path. The Bucks Free Press reports that just such a thing has been spotted in High Wycombe.

The ‘no cycling’ sign appears at the junction of Arch Way and Premier Way, at a point where a painted cycle lane on the road becomes a shared use path.

The sign has apparently been there for some time. Transport for Bucks suggest that it may have been tampered with and turned to point the wrong way. However, despite it being reported several weeks ago, it has still not been addressed.

In 2011, ‘no cycling’ signs were placed immediately above National Cycle Network (NCN) route signs by Birmingham City Council. In that instance, a third sign attempting to clarify things read: “The cycle route here follows the roadway. Please DO NOT ride on the footway.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) joined Sustrans in asking for the Birmingham signs to be removed.

“To be effective, signage needs to be clear and consistent,” said Kevin Clinton, the charity’s head of road safety. “These two signs could easily confuse cyclists because they appear to be giving conflicting messages.”

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