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Great cycling deals on Fizik, Science in Sport & X-Tools

If new shoes make you happy, the DealCatcher's got happiness in troves for you today + nutrition & tools!...

There aren't many boosts that match glancing down at your feet in the middle of a long day, or a long ride, and catching a glimpse of a fancy new pair of shoes. We're giving you the chance to give yourself that little boost in today's DealCatcher courtesy of Fizik and the guys over at Merlin Cycles.

Sure, it's a fleeting psychological high, but new shoes - especially when they come as well equipped and as well discounted as these Fizik R3s - can give you plenty of long term benefits too.

The rest of the DealCatcher follows a similar trend, we've got some more short term benefits in the way of 50%-discounted caffeine hits and mid-ride energy boosting gels from Science in Sport, and some longer term advantages in the way of a 27-piece toolset from X-Tools.

Those two deals come to you from Science in Sport themselves and Chain Reaction Cycles.

Happy shopping!


Merlin Cycles

50% off Fizik's R3 Road Shoes
WAS £199.99 | NOW £99.95

Fizik R3 Uomo Road Shoe1.jpg

Fizik's R3 road shoe made quite a splash when the revamped model - which the 2015 model shares an incredible amount in common with - was introduced to us back in 2013.

The R3 was the Fizik shoe of choice for professional riders back then, it was the lightest in the range, and our tech editor Mat Brett found them incredibly comfortable when they came in for review.

Today, the Fizik R3s are made from Kangaroo leather, feature kevlar straps to reduce stretch and wear, are wide enough to be comfortable for all foot types, and feature an incredibly stiff T700 carbon outsole for fantastic power transfer.

At under £100 these are an incredibly well-equipped pair of racec shoes, plus they look incredibly classy in black and red.

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Science in Sport

50% off Science in Sport's Speciality Gels Pack
WAS £53.00 | NOW £26.49

Science in Sport Speciality Gels Bundle.png

Energy gels aren't everyone's cup of tea. Historically they've been the foul tasting companion of the particularly serious racer, but thanks to companies like Science in Sport who have tried to bring professional levels of sport nutrition to the everyman, those days are in the past.

The SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gels will keep you riding and give you a fantastic mid-ride kick without distracting you with a gag-worthy consistency and dodgy taste.

Our man Caven O'Hara can vouch for both the taste and the caffeine hit - check out his review below:

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If you're worried about taste, we can allay your fears even further. SiS have revamped their website, which now includes a bundle customisation feature.

That customisation stretches into bundle flavour choices, which is particularly handy in cases like this.

If banana doesn't do it for you, you'll be able to order three Espressos instead.


Chain Reaction Cycles

33% off the X-Tools 27-piece Tool Set
WAS £59.99 | NOW £39.99

X tools 27 piece toolset.png

Finally, it's time to fulfill your fettling fantasies in the long term.

If you're a casual rider who's been riding on a hope, prayer, and slowly deteriorating drive train for the last few months, it's time to get serious.

Equally, if you're looking to replenish your tool shed, X-Tools's 27-piece set could be the way to go for you too.

If you're worried about quality at this incredible price, don't be, our man Stu Kerton had a play with an X-Tools toolset and found them more than satisfactory.

You can check out his review below:

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