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Video: van driver lashes out at cyclist after close pass

Man on the bike flips the driver the bird, after which the driver stops and lashes out through his window

The driver of a white van has been caught on camera lashing out at a cyclist who flipped him the middle finger after a close overtake.

The incident, which was captured on the cyclist’s helmet-mounted camera, was posted on YouTube today.

It shows the driver of a white van overtaking the cyclist at close quarters, and the cyclist making the hand gesture. The driver stops, and the two engage in a brief argument, before the driver lashes out with his right hand, and drives away.

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The driver appears to be annoyed the man was cycling in the traffic lane. When the cyclist tries to explain he’s allowed to cycle on the road the driver appears to punch him, before fleeing.

What do you think? Was the driver annoyed about being flipped the bird, or simply confused that someone was cycling on the road? Should the cyclist have counted to ten, rather than reacting in the way he did?

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