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Omata hits $150,000 Kickstarter target in 2 days

The analogue GPS speedometer has proven a hit with cyclists, 200 of whom pledged upwards of $499 to own one

Omata's first analogue GPS speedometer, has achieved its $150,000 Kickstarter target in just two days.

The pared down Omata One, with its minimalist mechanical dial and modern GPS computer, which is backed by Fabian Cancellara, has clearly proved a hit with cyclists, 338 of whom pledged between $40 and $3000.

Backers who pledged $499 or more will receive one of the first 200 devices in February 2017, while those pledging $3000 or more will also spend a day riding with the company founders and brand ambassador, Fabian Cancellara, himself.

Introducing Omata, the first analogue GPS speedometer

As Omata describe their product: “On the inside of the speedometer is a GPS computer that records everything the most capable tracking computers do at the highest level of precision”.

“This ensures that cyclists can download their activity data to their preferred training applications or sites. 

“On the outside Omata One has a beautiful, highly legible and mechanical analogue movement that shows you the things that matter most on the ride: speed, distance, ascent and time."

If you missed the boat this time, you’ll have to wait a while to part with your money. Further Omata Ones will be available via, although we don’t have a price yet. 

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SYMO7 | 8 years ago
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My hands up for one

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