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Videos: Castration by bike*, parrots & an on-road meltdown

A kid *almost loses more than his dignity in a stunt + a basketball trick shot, friendly parrots & fake Zipp bars

It's that time again. Friday afternoon. Stop whatever you're doing - we know you weren't doing anything anyway - and tuck into a series of the best cycling videos from around the web this week.

We start proceedings off with a bunch of kids doing what kids do - that's really reckless stupid things that we kind of wish we still had the lack of foresight to do. This almost ends in tragedy for one boy as a chain breaks at the crucial moment.

After that we've got Frankje the friendly parrot making a return, a college basketball player making an outrageous shot from a stationary bike, a cylcist having a mid-road strop and throwing his bike away, plus a set of fake Zipp handlebars being put to the test.

We put this video round-up to bed with three slightly more pensive videos, starting with a life lesson for us all from Wicked Customs bikes and Jameson Whiskey, a film of the life and times of cyclocross legend Sven Nys, and a video demonstrating why Devon is the 'place to be' for cyclists.


Castration by bike - near miss




Posted by BIKE on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

We all did stupid things when we were kids, right? Some of us still might do stupid things, especially when they're fun and involve a bike.

Other than a few scars here and there, most of us ended up just fine after doing stupid bike things. This kid should be just like the rest of us, but thanks to a faulty chain, he was almost one of the unlucky ones who rue the day they decided to lie down infront of their mate jumping off a four foot box on a mountain bike.


Frankje the parrot returns


This isn't the first time we've met the unofficial Team Astana mascot, Frankje the parrot.

- Watch - Mac-Aww - Astana rider goes riding with a parrot

It turns out this wasn't a one off, and Frankje - as he's become known - is a regular feature on Astana rides.

We wonder if its the colour of the team's jersey that attracts the Macaw, or whether he's just generally a friendly fella.


On-bike basketball trickshot




Cyclist has an on-road meltdown

We all have those moments on the road. We've had a rubbish day at work, the drivers are all passing too close, the road spray is disgusting, and we're cold.

Some of us turn off the main roads and head out on some nice quiet country roads to clear our heads, others don't have that luxury.

This bloke looks like he's one of those. Fed up with whatever's been troubling him, he dismounts on a junction and throws his bike away.

We feel for you mate. Chin up, Spring'll be here soon.


Fake Zipp handlebars fail 'stress test'



FAKE Zipp SL70 Aero

FAKE Zipp SL70 Aero

Posted by Velohack on Monday, 25 January 2016

Fake bits of bike kit coming out of China isn't a new thing. It's not necessarily a problem if you get lucky with a reliable bit of kit on the cheap. But sometimes, these fake bits of kit are far from reliable.

- Read more: Bike lights explode, almost burn down cyclist's house

This pair of Zipp handlebars don't stand up very well to the unusual stress test they're being put under by this bloke - not that we're sure they're supposed to. The man, who can clearly lift a fair amount of weight, makes short work of the handlebars - this is apparently conclusive proof that they're fake.


Fear Less, Live More

Fear Less, Live More - The Wicked Customs & Jameson from Edwin van der Sande on Vimeo.

Words to live by.

This collaboration is part of a Movember advertising campaign from Jameson Whiskey and The Wicked Customs bike builders.

They build a special Jameson's bicycle and shot this stunning film in 4K to document the proccess.

The message is clear - stop worrying, and just live.


Sven Nys - the final year


Cyclocross and mountain bike legend Sven Nys is retiring.

During his final year he's been followed around by a film crew through mud, training, race days, and at home.

The trailer's above, but at the moment you'll have to make your way over to Belgium to catch it in the cinemas.


Devon: the #PlaceToBe

Finally, if you're a bit skint, or fancy a UK-based cycling holiday this year, look no further than Devon.

Here's a bunch of reasons why the South West county is the place to spend the sunny months this year.

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aladdin pain | 8 years ago

I was castrated by a sparkly purple Mongoose with a banana seat and a sissy bar at that age, though none of the agony was physical. 

atlaz | 8 years ago

My grandfather was circumcised by bike. A nasty fixed wheel, chain snap, high speed impact with the bars in about 1919. 

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