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Video round-up - Sand & road crashes + Kittel's hair

Crashes in the sand, Marcel Kittel's wind tunnel makeover, a red light boogie + a crazy Dutchman...

The cycling video round-up on has always been a hotbed for crazy, wince-worthy, and bizarre videos.

That's not about to change.

Today we've got some great crashes from a Belgian beach race, an interesting Dutchman's 'guide' to cycling in Amsterdam, a stunning cyclocross video, Marcel Kittel's wind tunnel makeover, a Brazilian female cyclist's dance break at a red light, and a couple of close calls on the road.


De Panne Beach Endurance race crashes

Flat sand doesn't sound like the most complex of obstacles to overcome in a bike race. Turns out, that assumption is very very wrong.

Here at the De Panne Beach Endurance race in northern Belgium the flat sand is one of the most difficult parts of the course, as this intrepid videographer discovered.


Crazy Dutchamn's guide to cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam is great, right?

It's easy, everyone does it, you don't really need a how-to video? Right?

Wrong. You need this how-to video. In a brilliant skit, this 'Dutchman' gives you all of the tips that'll keep you cycling happy in the cycling capital of the world.


Econix CrossLiget 2015 cyclocross montage

Econix CrossLiget 2015 from Peter Racz on Vimeo.

If you're yet to get involved in cyclocross season, here's your inspiration. 

With all the drone-shot bells, and panning-shot whistles, you'll feel like you're right amongst the action of the Econix CrossLiget in Budapest, Hungary.


Woman takes a dance break at a red light

Some of us will take a moment at a red light to flex our hands - especially when it's cold out - give our bikes a quick look over, perhaps you'll take a look around at the people you're sharing the road with, maybe even have a chat with a friendly looking driver or cyclist.

Not this woman. No, no, she's taken this red light, and the song blaring out of the car from which the video is being recorded, to bust some moves.


Marcel Kittle gets a makeover... in a wind tunnel



Here at, wind tunnels don't strike us as the best place for a makeover.

Mind you, none of us here at have hair quite as fabulous as the big German sprinter Marcel Kittel.

Maybe that's where we're going wrong. 


Tour bus driver drives cyclist off the road

Here's a great advert for Wild Horse Adventure Tours - take a trip in one of their cars, see some free-roaming mustangs gallop across the plains, and see some cyclist tumble in the gutter.

We've no word as to whether the video above has been shared with the police, but the YouTube uploader states in the description that the video has been shared with Wild Horse Adventure Tours.


Bentley driver almost wipes cyclist out at junction

Finally, we've no clear evidence that the Bentley driver in this video is actually texting - as the video accuses - but it's pretty negligent driving nonetheless, and a very close call.


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Fifth Gear | 8 years ago

Wild Horse Adventure Tours have responded to the Youtube channel as follows:

Wild Horse Adventure Tours2 weeks ago
"I am sorry but this guy is ridiculous, we are currently in a legal lawsuit with him as he demands $25,000 for this incident! He blackmailed me by stating that if I did not give in to his demands that he would post the video everywhere he could so I guess here it is. Do I feel the driver came too close, yes, was the driver reprimanded, yes he was given two weeks’ suspension and must attend an advance driving class. Does the cyclist deserve to blackmail me and demand $25,000, NO! I am a cyclist myself and I have actually been hit by a car, not just had a car come too close. It did not even cross my mind to take the guy for money, I gave the guy some choice words and went on with my day. A bike path was erected just a couple of years ago along this road because there were so many accidents, this guy chose not to use it. Also What he does not show here is the remaining of the video where he carries on cycling just fine. He also stated that he suffered major injuries and severe back pain and then uploads a video of himself kayaking the very next day (you can see it on his channel). Oh and he is an attorney that works for a healthcare insurance company. He saw an $$$$ opportunity and took it."

Jimbomitch | 8 years ago

Did the lady at the lights just REAAALLLLLLLY ned a pee?

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