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Manon Carpenter thanks cycling community after stolen bikes returned

Pro downhill racer Carpenter's stolen bikes were returned in less than a week thanks, she says, to online cycling community...

Pro cyclist Manon Carpenter has thanked the cycling community for helping her get back her bikes, which were stolen from her home in Caerphilly, South Wales, on 24 November.

Images of the stolen bikes, posted online by the 2014 downhill mountain bike World Champion, including her Saracen World Champion bike, were shared more than 700 times on Facebook and around 300 times on Twitter.

Carpenter says the public's awareness of the stolen bikes made it hard for thieves to shift them. She has taken the opportunity to warn people about bike security at home, sharing police advice that garden sheds are “a weatherproof shelter and never designed to hold valuable items”.

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On a Facebook post Manon Carpenter said: “Thank you everyone for sharing posts on the stolen bikes, it made it very hard for the thieves to move them on. No sign of the motorbikes but we now have the mountain bikes back safe and sound.”

“Make sure your garages are secure and as difficult as possible for anyone to take your property. We'd never had a break in in the 20 years we'd lived here until last week. Noise alarms, locks and marking your property, more information in the links below.”

One commenter on Facebook, Christopher Mount, hinted it would have been hard to sell the bikes without arousing suspicion as many are not yet available to the general public, and he encouraged potential buyers to look out for them online.

“Surely Manon's prototype will be too hot to handle? DH fans, simply look out for bikes that you can't buy yet. Ebay, pinkbike etc.”

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The full list of stolen bikes was shared by Gwent Police on their Facebook page:

1. A KTM EXC 250 off road motorbike - black and orange in colour
2. A 2011 KTM XC 150 off road motorbike - black and orange in colour

3. A Dartmoor Dirtjump mountain bike - Phantom model - with gears and Fox 831 forks - black in colour with white lettering
4. A 2013 Saracen Kili Flyer mountain bike with suspension - black and bright green in colour
5. A 2014 Saracen Aerial 150 suspension mountain bike - silver, red and black in colour
6. A 2013 Saracen AVLX Dirtjump mountain bike with gears and Fox 831 Forks - all black in colour
7. A 2015 Saracen Kili Flyer mountain bike, full carbon fibre with full suspension - silver and black in colour with "Saracen" written on frame
8. A 2015 Saracen Aerial 150 mountain bike with full suspension - black and silver in colour with black and orange Fox Forks
9. A 2015 Saracen Myst Downhill race bike - black, white and red in colour
10. A 2016 prototype Saracen Myst Downhill mountain bike - black and red in colour with "Saracen" written on frame


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