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Videos: The future of TV bike racing? + Geraint Thomas spits

This video round-up features some incredible bike racing shots, bus crashes, celeb spitting & courier madness

Not only do we have a glimpse into the future for you in today's video round-up, we've got crashes and close calls too.

First up, of course, is a drone shot cycle race that could perhaps give us a glimpse into the future of bike racing.

Second, we've got Geraint Thoms taking part in a BBC Radio 1 game called innuendo bingo. The Welshman is sat on a bike, and must hold water in his mouth while hearing a series of broadcast accidental innuendos sent in by listeners.

Then we have two crashes, both involving busses. The first is from Oklahoma where the cyclist is at fault, the blame in the second lies heavily with the bus driver.

Finally, theres a great mini documentary about a day in the life of a London cycling courier. It makes great watching, so check it out. 



Drones: the future of bike race broadcasting?

We're not sure what the future holds for televised bike racing.

Over the last few years, as camera technology has become lighter and more portable, we've seen experiments with on-board cameras produce stunning results, while also being limited by some logistical problems.

- Read more: Video: On-board camera test footage produces amazing results at Tour of California

Drones could be a solution to those problems, and some of the viewing angles in this video on a Pyrenean mountain are making our mouths water.


Geraint Thomas spits on radio host

Now, Geraint Thomas condemned spitting during the Tour de France after Chris Froome was spat at by a fan during this year's race.

- Read more: Video: Chris Froome spat at by spectator

Clearly though, when in non-race conditions, and when he's being egged on by the BBC, Thomas has no issue in spitting mouth fulls of water all over radio presenter Chris Stark.

This is innuendo bingo. Could you go the whole video without spitting? 


Oklahoma bus + reckless cyclist = ??

Now, we try to be non-partisan when it comes to on-road incidents involving vehicles and cyclists. We have an entire justice system to determine who was at fault, so we don't really need to put the blame at the door of either side.

That said, this cyclist probably should have had a look over his shoulder before making a left turn across traffic. Might have saved him a little bit of pain.


Arriva bus hits cyclist + driver abuse

In this video the blame seems to be flipped. The video appears to show a bus overtaking and - according to the video uploader in the comments on YouTube - clipping the cyclist's arm as he passes.

The cyclist gathers his wits and then pursues and questions the bus driver about his driving.

Understandably that doesn't go down particularly well, the road is blocked, and nobody leaves any happier.

In the description of the video, the cyclist says he has reported the incident and the bus's number plate to the police.



A day in the life of a London cycle courier

Do you fancy yourself a dab hand at inner-city cycling? Do you make good time across central London on your bike? Reckon you could be a cycling courier?

Have a look at this, and maybe you'll reconsider your fantasy career change.

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PhilB | 8 years ago

A collection of quite unimpressive shots on the drone video. Surely they could have done a tracking shot where the drone was following or leading the riders?

Agreed with the other commenters on courier guy. 

Zermattjohn | 8 years ago

There's a reason I get accused of being an unlawful red-light jumping law-unto-myself cyclist. And now I know what he looks like.

bikebot | 8 years ago

You know that cyclist who Daily Mail readers are always going on about.  Jumping red lights, riding, riding on the pavement, going down one way streets etc.  Well we can finally end this collective responsibility crap, because we've found him.

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