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Videos: Radiation & motor doping, bike thieves & road rage

This round-up features doping with Greg Lemond, the Brazilian way to catch bike thieves + more

It's been a while, but the video round-up is back with a selection of videos that we think are too good to let you miss out on.

We start off with one of these 'social experiment' videos, this time from Brazil. This video follows the well trodden path of prank videos, putting unsuspecting members of the public into compromising situations and filming the outcomes. This one centres around opportunistic bike thieves.

After that we've got two incidents of doping. One is an example of a real threat to professional cycling, the other is either thoroughly horrifying, or tongue-in-cheek. You decide which.

We've then got a dose of road rage for you to sink your teeth into, and rounding off the round-up we've got a moment caught on camera that most of us will be able to relate to over the coming months: the tyranny of gloves.


Catching bike thieves - Brazilian style

Now, this might not be a valid solution to any fears you may have of bicycle thieves, but the schadenfreude is rather delicious.

This Brazilian fella has rigged a bike to look incredibly vulnerable, and thus appealing to opportunist bike thieves, will hiding a sting in the shape of a long cable attached to an anchor of some kind.

As you'd expect, the thieves take the bike, and once they've picked up enough speed and the cable reaches its limit, they're thrown from the bike.



Motor doping with Greg Lemond

This is by no means a validation of any of the claims that cyclists are using motors in their bikes to take some of the burden off their legs during races.

Our news editor Simon Macmichael explored this topic in depth earlier this year, and you can read about it yourself by following the link below.

It is interesting to see how this kit works in the flesh, though. It certainly brings legitimacy to the fears, given how widespread blood doping was, that mechanical doping is more than possible.


- Click here to read about Mechanical doping, the story that won't go away


Radiation doping in Chernobyl

Whether you think we're moving from the realms of reality to those of fiction right now depends on a number of things.

First, is how much trust you have in athletes not to find any possible way to cheat, the other is how gullible you are.

This video, which we hope is satire, shows a number of 'cyclists' from the 'Ukranian National Cycling Team' heading down to the basement of a hospital in Prypiat so that they're exposed to radiation in order to stimulate the development of red blood cells.

Highly scientific stuff here. 



Road rage truck driver

No video round-up would be complete with a dose of road rage, right?

This driver's a bit cross with the filming cyclist, who by all accounts was simply minding his own business.

The cyclist, quite understandably, didn't respond well to being passed far too closely by a big truck and, like many of us would, he responded reasonably angrily.

The driver responded in kind, and, being in possession of the bigger vehicle, he won the on-road battle.

The police get involved to settle the scores, and the driver gets a good talking to.

All's fair in love and war. Right guys? Right?



Gloves + smartphones = ?

Finally, we've got a autumn/winter-themed video for you.

We'll all be wearing full-fingered gloves before we know it, and that frustrating period where we forget we're wearing gloves and try to answer phone calls and use our touch screens with gloves on will begin.

Let this be a window into the coming weeks for you.

Turns out wrists are just as bad for navigating touch screens as gloves. Who knew?

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barbarus | 8 years ago

The American road rage video is clearly a fake; if you look closely you will see an Audi driver offering assistance to a cyclist.

CygnusX1 | 8 years ago
1 like

The guy in the Chernobyl video is Lucas Brunelle. He's from Boston, MA and not a member of Ukraine national team. The comments about radiation doping was a joke.

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