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Etape Caledonia: alleged tack attacker now has gun license revoked

Solicitor charged with sabotaging charity event loses gun licence

The solicitor Alexander Grosset who was arrested but then subsequently cleared of involvement in the tack-spreading incident at the Etape Caledonia sportive last May has had his gun license revoked by the Sherrif's Court in Perth.

According to Tayside Chief Constable Justine Curran in a report lodged at the same court, she believed Grosset was "no longer a suitable person to hold a firearms certificate". Presumably, in light of the fact that the ride, to be held again on 16th May 2010, has had its own designated policeman on the ground since we last reported earlier this month.

In this morning's Scotland on Sunday the Chief Constable said that Grosset's gun licence had been taken away after Tayside Police had taken account of the potential for "danger to the public or to the peace". Curran justified the action by outlining the circumstances leading to Grosset's arrest in May last year, which was sparked by a Rotary Club lunch during which he was heard to suggest someone should throw tacks on the road. A search of his home failed to find a quantity of tacks that should have been there.

Yesterday, 62-year-old Grosset – who has consistently denied any wrongdoing and is fighting to get his gun licence restored – laughed off suggestions that he posed any danger to the public. He admitted making comments about tacks at the Rotary lunch, but said: "You say something ridiculous and people take it seriously. I did not do this thing and was not party to it."

Grosset's appeal to have his license restored is due to be heard in September.

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