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Election: Monster Raving Loony manifesto launched…literally (and there's cycling in it)

Floating bicycles, but Monster Raving Loonies can't out-loony UKIP on cycling...

Knigel Knapp, parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington and representing the Monster Raving Loony Party has proposed floating bicycles which could utilize London's extensive canal system.

According to the BBC, Mr Knapp, who calls himself the Shadow Minister for Big Fibs and Blatant Lies, launched his campaign quite literally in London near Parliament at the weekend with numerous manifesto pledges among them the planned floating bicycles.

As our pictures suggest though these look worryingly sensible (from a Loony point of view) and extremely good fun.

"What with global warming everyone might have to use them when the sea levels rise," explained Mr Knapp.

"In the meantime we might have to build a few more canals and that can only be good for the unemployment figures," he added.

Well you can't argue with that and we'd like a water bicycle… all they need now is to add in bicycle monorails for those towns & cities without canals or indeed with them and they'd pretty much have the vote locked down in these parts at least. 

Coming in the same day that reported a certain amount of dissatisfaction with the new Cycle Superhighways in London, perhaps Mr Knapp's plan isn't so loony? Certainly the party will be unhappy that when it comes to cycling it has had its loony thunder stolen by UKIP.

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