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Belfast follows Paris with three hour car free Sunday

Part of a worldwide event, Ciclovia Belfast ended with calls from cyclists for more traffic-free Sundays

Belfast was the latest city to close some of its city centre streets to motor traffic for three and a three quarter hours this morning so people could cycle and enjoy normally traffic-dominated roads.

Named Ciclovia, and apparently part of a "worldwide event", the initiative generated slightly less of a buzz than the recent traffic Paris sans Voiture, but seems to have been popular nonetheless.

So those on bikes could ride traffic-free Botanic Avenue, Shaftesbury Square, Dublin Road and Bedford St were closed to motor traffic for the event, which also featured music and other entertainment.

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Inevitably, as with Paris, the event has turned local cyclists' minds towards the idea of permanently cycle-friendly streets, with some helpful designs offered to boot. 

Enthusiasm was so great, in fact, there was a mild tendency towards exaggeration of the event's success.

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