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VIDEO: UAE driver faces arrest for 'endangering life' in car stunts on London street

Driver filmed in altercation with cyclist before gunning the engine and leaving in smoke cloud

A motorist who performed a smoke-creating wheelspin as the final word in an argument with a cyclist has had a warrant issued for his arrest in the United Arab Emirates.

The pimped silver Mercedes is seen in a YouTube video already embroiled in a row with a cyclist, who shouts: "The ladies saw you my friend.

"Get the **** out of here before I smash your car."


The motorist revs the engine and speeds off, leaving a cloud of smoke in his wake and tyre marks that are said to measure 47 metres long.

Adam Canfield, who uploaded the clip to YouTube, said: "This Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series frequently enjoyed showing off with slides and wheelspins.

"However, when he got into an argument with a cyclist, he performed a huge burnout.

"I'm not entirely sure what happened to start the argument.

"All I saw is the Mercedes pull out and the cyclist swerve - so something along those lines.

"The cyclist was shouting at some girls on the pavement calling them witnesses, if you were wondering.

"We measured the number 11 track the CLK made on the road at roughly 47 meters long.”

But Gulf News has reported that “an arrest warrant has been issued for a man accused of driving recklessly in a European country thereby endangering his life and the lives of others.”

The car's number place was traced to the UAE. The Emirati man is accused of recklessly performing stunts and “intentionally making loud noises [using his car] to attract attention”, court documents revealed.

The Prosecution stated that Emiratis can be held accountable for a crime they commit outside the country, if the deed is against UAE law, in case they were not tried in court in the foreign country.

Abu Dhabi attorney-general Ali Mohammad Al Beloushi urged UAE citizens to abide by rules and regulations when visiting other countries.

Following the warrant, Mr Canfield said: "I would like to point out that I am aware of the recent implications that this video has lead to, and would like to express that I did certainly not want that to happen as a result.

"No negative view of the driver or cyclist was meant from this video - I just wanted to share the exciting scene I witnessed."

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