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The Return of the Brooks Colt

A classic and beautiful shape that should reward your commitment

With all the shiny Colnagos and Cinellis at the recent Core Bike trade show, we nevertheless found ourselves unfeasibly excited about the reissue of a classic Brooks saddle that we last saw new in the 1980s. Trouble was, back then in the dark ages, a catastrophic dip in road-bike-related sales resulted in stock gathering dust and it didn't bode well for Brooks' Colt model.

Indeed, it sank without trace in what Brooks describe as "mysterious circumstances" at around the time of the sale to new owners in 2001. Fortunately, the brand has prospered along with renewed interest in road bikes and now the Colt has been revived. With the thickest hide and beautiful hand-beaten and burnished rivets, it was always a premium model but it was the shape that set it apart.

In distinct contrast to the fashionably cutaway Swallow model, Colt has deep sides which provide immense strength and support. Indeed, once beaten into submission, it could be argued that this is a saddle made for heavier riders and longer distances. This remains to be seen but if the old and well-worn Colts still seen on cherished machines are anything to go by, we're in for an eventual treat.

Apart from the obvious black, natural vegetable dyes are used to produce a couple of additional interesting options; Violet (shown here) and Mustard, with other colours to be launched at Eurobike in September. Price is £125 and they're available now.

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