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6 of the best Peter Sagan custom painted race bikes

Some of Peter Sagan's best custom painted race bikes through the years

Peter Sagan’s camo Specialized Tarmac, which he rode to UCI world championship glory at the weekend, is certainly a distinctive looking bike, but the Slovak rider is well used to custom painted bikes, as he has ridden many throughout his professional career.

Here’s a reminder of some of his best custom painted race bikes. 

The Green Machine

In 2014 Cannondale presented Peter Sagan with a bike painted to celebrate his victory in the green jersey classification, with a ‘Green Machine’ SuperSix Evo. The paint job was inspired by hot rods, with metal flake, flames, lightning bolts, sparkle and shine.

The Hulk bike

Probably Peter Sagan’s most memorable custom bike was the ‘Hulk’ bike from 2013. The bike was inspired by his impersonation of the comic book character during a stage win in the Tour de France in 2012, and features the Hulk’s eyes on the top tube. The paint job also glowed in the dark.

Take a closer look at the Hulk bike here. 

The Wolverine bike

During the 2014 Tour de France Peter Sagan race a bike adorned with a Wolverine paint job produced by Death Star, with his own eyes featuring on the top tube. His Rudy cycling helmet was painted to match.

The Tourminator

Peter Sagan made an impression on the Tour de France with immediate effect, and one of this earliest custom paint jobs was the Tourminator, which was designed to celebrate his first victory in the Grand Tour in 2012. The name was gifted to Sagan by his team who dubbed him the Terminator on account of his knack for apparently getting through his fair share of wheels and tyres as a result of his power and strength.

The Green Jersey special

Peter Sagan has made the Tour de France’s green jersey his own, and in 2012 Cannondale produced a special version of his SuperSix Evo race bike to match his green jersey for the final stage into Paris. Aside from being green, the other standout detail on the bike are the names of the towns where Sagan took his stage wins on the driveside seat stay

The Camo bike

And most recently, this season Peter Sagan has been standing out from his new Tinkoff-Saxo teammates with a specially painted camouflage Specialized, predominantly the Tarmac but occasionally the Venge. “Specialized has personalized my bike and I am proud of it. I really like the colors and the fact that my official trademark has been included. I hope that this bike will bring me luck,” said Peter Sagan on receiving the new bike.

Which is your fave?

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ragtimecyclist | 8 years ago

I also like the fact that Sagan appears to be racing this year in his own bodily custom paint job, in disguise as the 1980's...

Gasman Jim | 8 years ago

Anything but the Specialneeds bike

Colin Peyresourde | 8 years ago

It has to be the Specialized doesn't it.....the rest are Cannondale.

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