Join the Revolve24 road.cc VIP team as one of our relay riders

Revolve24 is a new event taking place at Brands Hatch on 19-20 September. It's a 24-hour relay event open to solo riders and teams of two, four, six and eight riders. And team road.cc will be there with our VIP team of six.

One of those spots is still up for grabs, so if you want to join us, let us know asap. First come, first served! You do need to be a member of team road.cc, though. Not a member? Click here to join.

Our Revolve24 road.cc VIP team includes Dave Atkinson, Stu Kerton, and team road.cc club members Simon Tuck, Ian Upham and Pete Davies. If you’re a team road.cc club member and you'd like to be our sixth relay team rider, email Elaine at club [at] road.cc.

We’re not aiming to put together a world-beating team based on your Strava times, just a group of riders who are up for giving it a go and having a good time.

All road.cc users receive a 15% discount on entry fees.

Use discount code ROADCC15

If you miss out on the VIP place, you can still enter and ride for team road.cc. When registering at the discounted road.cc price you'll be asked which club you’re a member of – all you need to do is enter ‘road.cc’, use the discount code at checkout, and you’ll be automatically entered with other team road.cc riders. 

To register for Revolve24, click here

To become a member of team road.cc and ride for us, click here

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