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Boardman delighted with positive response to safe overtaking clips

Two videos released last week on how to safely overtake cyclists have been supported by both cycling and motoring groups

Chris Boardman says he's delighted at the positive response to a video, released last week, educating motorists on how to overtake cyclists.

Boardman stars in two clips, titled Space and Side by Side, the former highlight the importance of rule 163 of the Highway Code, which states motorists should give cyclists the same amount of space as a car when overtaking.

In its first seven days online, Space has had more than 300,000 views, as well as receiving support from motoring and cycling groups, including president of the AA, Edmund King.

Boardman, British Cycling's Policy Advisor, said: “The response so far has been extremely encouraging. Our aim was to make people more aware of rule 163 of the Highway Code. The fact that over 300,000 people have already viewed the video online suggests that there is a genuine desire for a culture of mutual respect on our roads to thrive.

“Getting more people on their bikes will have a series of benefits for this country, and ensuring that the roads are safe places for cyclists is a crucial step towards this.”

SPACE from carltonreid on Vimeo.

Martin Key, campaigns manager for British Cycling, said: “We were very pleased to support the video, and are delighted to see the impact it has already made across the media and social media channels.

“It is good to see our attempts to raise awareness of the current rules and to encourage a culture of mutual respect on our roads is getting traction. However, it is also vital that this is combined with clear action from government in making our roads and junctions safer for everyone who uses them.

“This will begin with them delivering on the promise to publish a Cycling and Walking investment strategy, with a more joined up approach that recognises cycling as a clean, healthy, mainstream form of transport.”

Side by Side from carltonreid on Vimeo.

Carlton Reid, editor of the Bicycle Association’s and who directed the video, added: “It’s wonderful that the video has been so well viewed, so quickly. The next step is to make it into an official ‘public information film’ and for the Department for Transport to endorse it and make sure it becomes very widely distributed.”        

The videos were funded by the Bicycle Association, which represents the UK's bicycle industry, and British Cycling.

This week Boardman also voiced support for calls to allow UK cyclists to skip certain red lights, mimicking a move by Paris which has cut cycling collisions.

Speaking to BBC Radio Merseyside, he added: "If we change the rules and say it's ok for cyclists to do this, it makes it more appealing for people to ride bikes, because it's safer and quicker." 

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