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Cyclist survives slide under lorry, which then starts to reverse

Sam Vernon thought: "If I don't move now, I'm dead" after lorry pulled out in front of him, causing him to crash...

A Kenilworth man had a lucky escape when he slid under an HGV, which pulled out in front of him and then started reversing, on the Coast to Coast cycle route in Cumbria.

Father of two, Sam Vernon, was riding at about 20mph with friends on the main road into Kendal when a lorry pulled out in front of him. He realised the driver hadn't seen him, applied the brakes and flew over the handlebars and underneath the lorry.

Vernon was thankful for his helmet which, he said, cushioned the impact of his head hitting a tank on the vehicle's underside. The lorry driver started reversing after he realised he had hit something, and Vernon was lucky to get out with a fractured wrist before the vehicle's wheels could make contact.

Vernon told the Leamington Observer: "I thought, if I don’t move now, I’m dead."

Fortunately a policewoman and first aid team were in a lay-by opposite the crash site, saw what happened and came to help.

Vernon said: “It felt like I’d done my shoulder, collar bone and wrist. The bones are fragmented in my wrist so I’ve had five wires put in to keep it all together.”

The Observer reports the driver of the Lithuanian lorry was reported to Cumbria police for driving without due care and attention.

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