Exclusive 48-hour deal on Science in Sport nutrition

The road.cc DealCatcher has secured huge limited-time savings on the an enormous range of sport nutrition products

The DealCatcher sure has had a busy week. Not only do you have your usual second weekly edition of the DealCatcher coming your way tomorrow, today there's an extra special exclusive offer from the nutrition experts over at Science in Sport.

Basically, the guys over at SiS, who know exactly what your body needs and when you need it while you're out on your bike, have given you road.cc readers a special 40% discount on anything that they haven't already discounted themselves.

So, head over to their nutirion page, which you can get to by following THIS LINK, and browse their wonderfully discounted wares.

Once you've made your decision, simply pop the coupon code RCC40 into the little box which will be presented to you, and watch 40% of your bill tumble away.

Keep your eyes peeled at the bottom for some of SiS's home-discounted offers. While you won't get any of your exclusive road.cc discount on them, you can still make some stellar savings.

If the huge selection is a bit overwhelming for you, why not take a look at four of the products that we've already reviewed here on road.cc:

Science in Sport GO Energy Elderberry drink

Reviewed by one of our most reliable and consistent testers David Else, the SiS Go Energy Drink tub got a 4-star review from our long-distance riding specialist.

He said that the powder provided an "ideal source of energy for long bike rides" and that it's fairly priced, easy to digest, and most importantly, it tastes good too.


Science In Sport GO Hydro 20-tablet tubes

David Else again got his hands on these hydration tablets. Again, he gave these 4 out of five stars, and included comments like "the taste and texture is clean and refreshing, not sweet or sticky, and this definitely encouraged me to drink – especially on colder days," in his review.


Science In Sport Go Energy + Caffeine Gel

This time, our tried, tested, and trusted reviewer Caven O'Hara got his paws on some SiS kit to test, and he seemed to get on well with the Energy + Caffeine Gel.

These on-the-go gels split opinion, and they often take a whie to acclimatise to, especially when it comes to the taste. These double-shot espresso gels carry almost triple the amount of caffeine that you'd expect in a caffeinated gel, but Caven said that "the taste is not as over powering as you might think given the caffeine content and there is a definite lift in how you feel."


Science In Sport Go Energy drink sachet

Finally, our tech editor David Arthur tried out these energy sachets.

He said that despite the loss in economic value over the larger tubs of energy drink powder, these sachets are excellent "for occasional use, or for carrying in a pocket or bag on a ride."

He ended by pointing out that "they're very convenient."

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