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Video: Giro debuts new time trial helmet at the Tour de France

Huge mirrored visor features on Giro's brand new aerodynamic time trial helmet + video

Giro has debuted a brand new time trial helmet at the 2015 Tour de France, with BMC, Katusha and IAM Cycling both spotted wearing the new aerodynamic helmet. Rohan Dennis (BMC) used the new helmet for the stage one time trial around Utrecht, which he won.

This video of a Katusha rider shared on Twitter gives a very clear view of the new helmet from the front and side.

The standout feature is the huge mirrored visor. It's incorporated into the front of the helmet, nothing unusual there, but the key difference is that the visor extends halfway back along the side of the helmet. Giro’s current time trial helmets also have an integrated visor but it isn’t anywhere near as large or enveloping as this new one. 

The new Giro time trial helmet also appears to have a shorter and more rounded tail than the US company’s current offerings. There are also no vents in the actual helmet, but there does appear to be venting along the top of the visor.

It’s also evident that it incorporates MIPS safety technology as well. We’re seeing MIPS being offered as a feature on more and more new helmets, and Giro has just added it to its Synthe aero road helmet.

Giro hasn’t provided any official information on this new helmet yet but as soon as it does, we’ll let you know.

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TeamExtreme | 9 years ago

A long-tailed helmet will generally have less drag (assuming lots of conditions are adhered to) and as you can see from the results yesterday, small things can have dramatic consequences at the front of the peloton.

As for Utrecht, I should imagine they were either asked to wear them by Giro for publicity.

2 Wheeled Idiot | 9 years ago

Looks very similar to the casco speedtime...well the visor at least.
Does anyone have any idea why BMC used the new helmet in Utrecht but the older selector in the TTT?

TeamExtreme | 9 years ago

Giro has previous form for "releasing" new helmets that subsequently never go on to general sale. A couple of years ago, a lot of Giro sponsored teams were sporting a stubby Giro Selector in TT stages, but as far as I'm aware, it's never been available to the public.

Not only is it against UCI rules, it's very frustrating as a consumer, I've been waiting over two years for that helmet! Perhaps their tunnel testing found out that its drag was *even* worse than the Air Attack?! Nah, only joking, I'm not sure that possible...

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