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Fantasy Cycling is back for 2015!

Dust off your directeur sportif jacket, it's time to saddle up for another year of the best Fantasy Cycling game there is...

Fantasy Cycling is back for 2015! Join us for our fifth season of... well, for us it's generally disappointment as we slip down the table. But some people are good at it. Be like them!

Fantasy Cycling you say? Yup, it's very simple. Pick a team of riders to compete in races throughout the season, Starting next week with the Tour Down Under, and if they do well you get points. And if you get enough points, you win! Simple, eh? It's addictive too, and a great way to get your head round the strange world of professional cycling. If you've ever played fantasy football, or rugby, or cricket, or NFL, or whatever, the concept will be very familiar to you. And if you haven't then it's pretty simple to pick up. Why not have a go? Start as a novice with the Tour Down Under and by the time the Tour de France comes around you'll probably be well up to speed.

Sign up now!

To enter for the season all you need is a user account on If you haven't registered before you can do so here. We check all registrations manually so it might take a short while for you to get approved. Once you are you can log in, hit the Fantasy Cycling link in the top right hand corner and away you go!

Win a Garmin Edge 510 in the Tour Down Under

To tempt you in at the start of the season we've got a great prize for the first race of the season: a Garmin Edge 510 GPS computer worth £249.99. There'll be prizes for the runners up too! All you have to do is be the best virtual Directeur Sportif straight out of the blocks. How hard can that be?

The Garmin Edge 510 is a top quality bit of kit, you can read Mat's review of it here. He called it "a very clever GPS bike computer that's relatively easy to use."

Go Premium for just £10

As a standard user you can play up to eight competitions during the 2015 season. If you get the bug you can upgrade to a premium account for just a tenner, and play as many as you like. That'll work out at something like 15p a competition. How's that for value? You can go premium at any point in the season and your premium account will run for a full calendar year.

Sign up for Fantasy Cycling now!

If you've played before, check out this forum topic for an explanation of what's changed for 2015.

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