Angie Cook waited over 90 minutes for an ambulance after being hit by a car

The cyclist who had to endure a 90 minute wait for an ambulance after she was hit by a car in Teddington yesterday morning was a cycling instructor on her way to teach a class at a local primary.

Angie Cook, 63 was hit by a woman driving a black Vauxhall Zafira in rush hour traffic at about 8:50 yesterday morning and had to wait until 10:27 before she was attended by London Ambulance Service.

Police and passers-by covered her in blankets and coats to keep her warm while she waited.

Mrs Cook told the Evening Standard's Matt Watts: “I was lying there feeling really cold and not being able to feel my back. It was scary. I kept asking myself how bad my injuries were.

“Because of the back injury I couldn’t move and the advice was not to move me.”

That back injury turned out to be less severe that had been feared. Mrs Cook was hit in the leg and sustained a bruised coccyx in the crash.

She said her crash showed how important it was for cyclists to take care. Mrs Cook has taught cycle safety for Richmond Council for 10 years, and said she would use her experience in her teaching.

“I’ve been cycling all my life but this is my first accident. It shows it could happen to anyone. Fortunately I’m very careful and was wearing high visibility clothing and a helmet. Otherwise it could have been much more serious. I was very lucky.

“It shows how important my work is and how careful cyclists need to be. There’s a lot of crazy cyclists in London who don’t take any precautions and the roads are very dangerous. They wouldn’t have got off so lightly.

“I suppose I should feel a bit embarrassed as I’m a cycle instructor and I’ve had an accident. I’m the first person at work to have an accident. But it wasn’t my fault and it shows there is a risk whenever people get on a bike.”

Mrs Cook said the paramedics had been very apologetic when they arrived. She added: “I think I’d be angrier if my injuries had turned out to be more severe and everyone hadn’t showed me so much kindness while I was there in the road waiting. I’d just ask, am I an isolated case or is this happening all the time and to people in a much more serious condition?”

A London Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We are very sorry we couldn’t be there sooner and for any distress or discomfort this may have caused but we have to prioritise patients in a serious or life threatening condition.”

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