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Professional drivers to experience what it’s like to be a cyclist on city roads

BikeRight! training courses are designed to increase drivers’ awareness of cyclists

The UK’s leading cycle training and development company, BikeRight!, has launched two new courses which will give professional drivers practical experience of cycling on city roads. The aim is to equip them with the skills they need to drive safely on multi-use roads

Established in 2003, BikeRight! run a range of cycling training courses for children and adults at test centres in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The firm has recently introduced two new courses which are geared towards improving professional drivers’ awareness of cyclists. The safe urban driving course is designed for large goods vehicle (LGV) and passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) drivers, while the 2WheelsAware is for those whose jobs involve driving smaller vehicles, such as delivery drivers and taxi drivers.

While the full day courses have several components, including hazard recognition and use of mirrors, it also includes practical experience of cycling. It is hoped that by having professional drivers spend time seeing the roads from a different perspective in the company of qualified National Standards cycling instructors they will gain an understanding of how to better accommodate cyclists while driving.

Course instructor, Colin Unsworth, commented: 

“These courses provide a unique insight into the behaviour of vulnerable road users and complement BikeRight!s portfolio of cyclist training courses that we have successfully run for over 10 years.

 “This full-day CPC course offers the opportunity to gain practical experience of cycling on the roads accompanied by BikeRight! qualified instructors. This helps trainees to define who vulnerable road users are when assessing risk and to raise awareness of cyclists and how to assess a situation to reduce risk.”

Thanks to a partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester, there is funding available which means the courses for LGV and PCV drivers are free for organisations in the area.

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