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Easton launches E100 1,050g carbon fibre wheelset

Full carbon fibre rim, hub and spoke construction provides Easton with their lightest ever wheelset

Easton Cycling have launched the E100 carbon fibre wheelset with a claimed weight of just 1,050g. The new wheels have been five years in development and the aim was to develop their lightest ever wheelset. They share nothing in common with Easton’s current wheels, everything is brand new.

The low weight is achieved thanks to extensive use of carbon fibre. The rims, oversize hubs and spokes are all constructed in carbon fibre. Easton aren’t the first to use a full carbon fibre construction, German manufacturer Lightweight are the most notable for producing complete carbon fibre wheelsets which they have been doing for a long time now.

The hand-built wheelset features a rim with a new ‘Fantom’ profile that was developed with wind tunnel testing. The rim is 45mm deep and 24mm wide and, for now anyway, tubular only. The new rim is laced with tensioned carbon spokes to oversized carbon hubs.

Easton claims that this is the only carbon wheelset with carbon spokes that can lay claim to tensioned spokes, which the company reckons creates “a more predictable ride quality that you can really lean on.” 

The wheel is constructed by moulding the spokes directly to a carbon ring that attaches to the oversized hub. Easton calls the spokes “Pulltruded” and they’re ultrasonically welded to this carbon ring, with 20 per wheel with a 2-cross lacing front and rear.


If a spoke is damaged or broken, that whole side of that wheel can be replaced, preventing the entire wheel being written off.

Inside the hubs are sealed ceramic bearings with their own freehub design with a 6 degree engagement and six pawls.

We don’t have a UK price at the moment but in the US they’re expected to cost $3,800, and we don’t imagine them to be much cheaper when they’re priced up in sterling. More at

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