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Indian round-the-world cyclist reaches Dundee

Indian rider in 50,000 mile marathon effort

A cyclist attempting the record for cycling 50,000 miles around the world has praised Scots hospitality.

Avijit Chakraborty, 39, from Calcutta, aims to complete the trip in 20 months and since leaving India in July has clocked up 15,000 miles.

He also relies on making contacts with local communities for accommodation. Since he arrived in the UK last Thursday he has been staying in the Sikh Temple in Dundee's Nelson Street

He told the Press and Journal: “I don’t have any acquaintances in any of the places I have visited but I have always got a good reception and people have accommodated me and been very hospitable.

“The world is run by good people and good people are in large numbers everywhere, while bad people are microscopic in number.

“There are many good people in Dundee.”

Mr Chakraborty will leave  Dundee tomorrow (Monday) and cycle to Edinburgh and London before heading to America, Africa, Asia and Oceania to complete the tour.

Where possible, Mr Chakraborty visits schools to talk about environmental issues and his epic ride is aimed at raising awareness of climate change.

He said: “It is so important to protect the world from climate change.

“I have visited more than 100 schools to talk to the children about sustainable development and global warming. If only two or three children take notice of what I have said, then it has all been a success.”

In 1997-1999 Mr Chakraborty bicycled more than 37,000 miles across 54 countries and became the first person to cycle across the Arctic Circle at two points, in Alaska and Sweden.

Dundee City Council administration leader Ken Guild said: “Dundee has always had a reputation for being friendly and outgoing.

“I am delighted he will be leaving Dundee with a good impression of the city and it’s people and I wish him the best of luck.”


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