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Boris asks pedal-car guru to sort cycling networks

Mayor plans five-year strategy for Cycle Superhighway

The brains behind an eccentric pedal car race in Bournemouth has been asked by Boris Johnson to sort out London's cycle networks.

Cliff Polton, who for many years was the race director of the British Pedal Car Grand Prix, has been asked by London's mayor to help devise a five-year plan for the Cycle Superhighway.

According to the Bournemouth Echo, Mr Polton, the head of engineering firm Royce UK, which has designed and built components for cycling champions Chris Boardman and Nicole Cooke, said he was delighted to receive the invitation.

“I’m trying to promote pedal car racing, because it’s fun. Many people who have been involved with the pedal car race have gone on to become cyclists,” he said.

“To make cycle lanes successful, you need to change the right of way priority from the motorist to the pedestrian and cyclist.”

John Hayter, chairman of the Bournemouth Cycling Forum, said: “We think there should be a widening of 20mph zones in residential areas. This would make people feel much safer about getting out on their bikes.”

Michael Evans from the Dorset Cyclists Network, said Mr Johnson and his team should promote awareness of cycle lanes among pedestrians and motorists.

“In Holland and Germany, people just don’t walk on to cycle lanes. They’ve been brought up with them. We have a generation or two to go in this country until we reach that point.

“Boris Johnson should find a way to educate the public and encourage cyclists and pedestrians to give and take a bit.”

Peter Smith-Nicholls, who organises the Dorset Macmillan bike ride, said the continuity of cycle lanes should be considered. Sometimes you’re on a cycle path and it runs out at a roundabout, which leaves you faced with nowhere to go or a huge hazard.”



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JohnInStockie | 14 years ago

Well at least London is looking into it. Here there is not even a twinkle in the eye, and car is king.

OldRidgeback | 14 years ago

Boris needs to get someone to sort out his appearance too.

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