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Morvélo x Aroe custom Kinesis Aithein

Brighton bike and paint collaboration

Brighton based cycling couturiers Morvélo have collaborated with graffiti artist Aroe to create a unique looking bike.

Last year Morvélo were used to test and provide feedback on the prototype Kinesis Aithein race bike that got a quick ride on the production version. The prototype was an intentionally nondescript stripped bare metal frame with no branding and during continued riding over the winter Morvélo’s creative minds wondered what could be done with this moving blank canvas.

Morvélo have been long time admirers of local graffiti artist Aroe whose work has livened up many of Brighton’s walls and they approached him about a collaboration to decorate their Aithein. Aroe has a massive reputation for his pieces on both sides of the Atlantic, also being a member of LA's legendary MSK crew. His huge productions in the seaside town are as recognised and photographed as the pier and his “Licence to Ill” tribute to the then recently-deceased Beastie Boy, MCA gained massive worldwide coverage.

Morvélo met up and had a chat about what they wanted to achieve with the project, handed over the naked Kinesis Aithein frame and forks and some Reynolds Attack rims and let him get to work.

"Graffiti has given me many things” says Aroe. “My best friends, crew loyalty, a sense of accomplishment, a creative outlet, a destructive outlet, massive opportunities for travelling/painting the world, adventures, beef, fights, laughter, tears, love, hate, understanding, diplomacy and above all, a sense of knowing that if I want something – there’s nothing that will stop me from achieving my goal."

Morvélo do love a collaboration, working with a variety of people that reflect their love of cycling. In the past they’ve joined forces with local Sussex frame-builder Jon Chickens to create their CityCross cyclo-cross bike and Death Spray Custom, Tokyo Fixed and the Ride Journal to produce limited edition lines of cycle clothing.


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