Team Sky's 2013 Tour de France winner in first ever undersea bike crossing...

Chris Froome has become the first person to ride a bike through the Channel Tunnel from England to France.

Ironically, the video of Froome taking on the tunnel was released on the same day as passengers had to be evacuated from the tunnel - and in to the service tunnel Froome used for his ride - because of a power failure on a train at 06:20am this morning. Disruption is expected all day, luckily the riders are flying back, but some of the Tour's support vehicles may have a problem getting back across the Channel. 

Riding his Pinarello time trial bike, Froome completed the 50km crossing in about 55 minutes, a mark that someone determined to get into the Guiness Book of Records will no doubt want to beat.

Froome’s ride actually took place on June 1, but with the Tour de France crossing from England to France this evening after stage 3 finishes in London, Team Sky have released a video of the ride today, as you do.

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