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Norco Threshold disc-equipped cyclocross bike updated for 2015

New disc-specific carbon frame with bolt-thru axles, internal cable routing and size-specific carbon layup

We’ve featured some interesting cyclocross bikes on recently, such as the Niner RLT9 and the Storck TIX, and here’s another, Canadian company Norco’s completely updated disc-equipped Threshold with bolt-thru front and rear axles on a sub-kilo carbon fibre frame.

Norco are a well regarded mountain bike company and it is clear they’ve brought this experience into the newly updated Threshold, in particular the 15mm bolt-thru axle on the carbon fork and a 12x142mm bolt-thru rear axle. To explain, that’s a 12mm diameter axle with a 142mm wheel spacing, a standard that is almost commonplace on many mountain bikes, particularly longer travel full suspension types, for reasons to do with extra stiffness and wheel security. Disc-equipped cyclocross bikes are increasingly borrowing this technology, the new Storck has them at both ends and Giant's latest TCX has a bolt-thru fork.

Their own full carbon fibre fork has been designed to offer plenty of mud clearance and uses the 15mm thru-axle standard.

Norco claim a sub-1,000g weight for the high-modulus carbon fibre frame, and it makes use of something they call ‘Armorlite’, a resin they claim produces a stronger frame and provides better resistance against impacts from things like rocks.

They’ve used size-specific carbon layup and tube shapes, so the stiffness of each frame size is ‘calibrated’ to the prospective rider, so basically a taller heavier rider on a large frame will have the same ride handling and performance as a shorter lighter rider on a smaller frame.

The frame features ‘ARC Race’ seatstays first developed for their Tactic road bike. These are small diameter tubes with a bow shape that Norco reckon work like  “micro-suspension to dampen fatiguing vibrations.” A bit of comfort on a cyclocross bike is desirable, whether you’re racing or riding for fun.

All the cables are now routed internally, using their new Gizmo universal cable routing system. It’s a proprietary design using two plugs that create a tight seal in the entry and exit ports so better to keep water and dirt out with the added benefit of preventing the cables rattling.

Norco will offer four build options, including a Dura-Ace Di2 with RS785 hydraulic disc brakes at the top and an entry-level Shimano 105 with Hayes CX Comp mechanical discs. No word yet on UK pricing or availability. 

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